Adam Konopka, PhD, MS

Man in glasses smiling

Born and raised in Aurora, IL, Adam is no stranger to the Midwest. “Midwest is best” is a motto you will hear him say often. A retired NCAA collegiate swimmer, he decided to do the unthinkable and get his undergraduate, masters and PhD in one fell swoop from Ball State University in the Human Performance Laboratory. Adam did his post-doctoral fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and shortly after decided to dip his toes into the west at Colorado State University. However, he returned to the Midwest accepting an Assistant Professor position at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign before transitioning to the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2020. As a proud husband and father of two, Adam manages to stay busy. When he isn’t exercising his mind at work, you can likely find him cycling and running. View Dr. Konopka’s biography on the Department of Medicine website.